In regard to both my physical and mental health I declare myself to be fit and able to participate in the 30 days personalized home workout and nutrition plan. In case that any change may occur in my physical or mental health, I will inform Get Fit From Home as soon as possible.

I declare and accept that I shall not hold ‘Get Fit From Home’ or Lilla Farkas, trainer and nutritionist, liable for any personal side effects, adverse reactions, lesions, deterioration in my condition, and shall not demand any compensation from them.

It is FORBIDDEN to begin training should you have any of the following diseases or conditions below:

  • Any implanted medical devices (e.g. a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator)
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases (e.g. severe heart or aortic disease)
  • Severe neuromuscular disorder – a disorder affecting the nervous system and the muscles (e.g. rhabdomyolysis, or other diseases with rapid breakdown of muscle structure)
  • Any type of cancer
  • Severe nephrological (kidney) disease
  • Risk or existence of internal bleeding

In the following cases, you must CONSULT your physician and obtain APPROVAL before beginning the workout and nutrition plan:

  • Less severe cardiovascular diseases (e.g., hypertonia, susceptibility to myocardial infarction or significant fluctuations in blood pressure)
  • After surgery or medical procedures
  • Chronic diseases or fever
  • Planned or already diagnosed pregnancy, breast feeding

I declare with my own responsibility to be fully aware of and fully understanding of the content of this declaration, and I accept to be bounded by these obligations by signing the present declaration.






Get fit from home is offered from a professional nutritionist and certified personal trainer

After you purchase the service, a questionnaire will be sent to you to complete, and once it is returned, you will receive your personalized plan within 48 hours.

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